About Us

USAN helps companies engage with their customers.

We deliver amazing cross-channel experiences with the industry’s best cloud, premise and hybrid multi-channel customer engagement solutions.

Who we are

USAN is an acronym for United States Advanced Network. We are a technology company based near Atlanta, GA., that provides hosted contact center technology, and we’re experts in customer experience management. Learn more about us and our customer engagement vision by watching this short video featuring USAN CEO Steve Walton.

What we do

USAN offers a communications network, hosted contact center technology and customer engagement platform that can be integrated to manage every aspect of the customer life cycle in any communications channel. From the cloud, our family of products can unify communications, integrate software, consolidate data and coordinate processes—saving your company CAPEX and OPEX by eliminating hardware and operations costs. The end result is a 24x7x365 multi-channel
presence, lower customer churn, better service
levels and improved business intelligence.

How we do it

USAN Network Operations Center

We were one of the first to offer hosted contact center services in the cloud—way before it was even called that. Since then we’ve added a multi-channel customer engagement platform that can unify communications, integrate software, consolidate data and coordinate processes. By establishing a presence in every customer service channel and integrating channels for a consistent experience, USAN helps its customers transform poor customer experiences
into loyal, profitable relationships.

We were in the cloud before it was cool

We were one of the first to offer contact center services in the cloud, way before it was even called the cloud.  Back in 1989, United States Advanced Network (USAN) opened its doors and helped its first customer, a little company called MCI (you know them today as Verizon) establish voice communications and a calling card application that would service millions of users.

Twenty three years later we’re still helping Verizon and many other satisfied clients connect with their customers through our network. 

With a contact center architecture that offers hosted/virtual IP PBX, IVR, ACD, outbound dialing and much more available as Software as a Service, our clients can achieve any customer interaction at any time—using only what they need and paying only for what they use.

The USAN cloud offers the appeal of lower CAPEX, freedom from hardware and end-of-life issues, the elimination of software upgrades, and reduced maintenance fees. But we really hang our hat on service quality and reliability.

Today, the USAN cloud handles more than one billion calls yearly for some of the world’s largest companies. Our fifth-generation, carrier-grade network and switching architecture delivers reliable traffic capacity and availability—greater than 99.999% in each year of operation.

And with eight geographically distributed nodes located in hardened facilities, supported and monitored 24x7x365, and backed-up in real-time by a separate disaster recovery site, the USAN Cloud will never go dark.

Of course the USAN Cloud protects customer data, too. Our security procedures and practices are audited annually by customers and certified third parties to ensure adherence to PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, and SOX regulations. We implement best practices, standards and strategies for ISO 17799, ISO 27001, COBIT, ITIL and more to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of customer data. 

The future of customer engagement is now

Contact center components like IVR, ACD and loyalty will always be critical parts of a smart customer engagement strategy. And because USAN has developed a world-class, on-demand call center infrastructure over the last 20 years, it remains a key component of our business model.

But a revolution is occurring in the way customers interact with businesses.  Through more than 20 years of providing customer contact solutions, we have identified key shifts occurring in the contact center’s role within the business. 

First, integrating marketing and business development initiatives into the customer dialog is a minimum expectation.

To prove this point, Gartner recently reported:

“Chief marketing officers are expected to outpace chief information officers in directing technology spending within the next five years.” GARTNER

Second, other communication channels like social, mobile applications and customer self-serve are increasingly important additions to the service mix. Smartphone usage is exploding. Over 100 million people in the U.S. own smartphones and four out of five access the web or use mobile apps.  And the speed consumers are adopting these smart devices is mind boggling.

  • 10 times faster than that of the 80s PC revolution
  • 2 times faster than the 90s Internet boom
  • 3 times faster than that of recent social network adoption! 

Without a doubt, consumers are now driving the communication agenda. Today, the focus is on the customer engaging the company–not the other way around. In this new model, the business must convey value while leveraging the company’s agenda with every interaction. As a result, customers increasingly expect service providers to offer robust service in these new channels compared to traditional technologies.

The differentiating factors in customer engagement success have become establishing a presence in every service channel and delivering consistently excellent experiences. And while many companies have attempted to strike this balance of blending communications, technology and business processes, most fail. Not USAN.

Our philosophy is that individual channels like the Internet, IVR, SMS, chat, social are merely windows into the enterprise. We avoid the trap of building business logic into the individual channels themselves, which creates inconsistent experiences that frustrate and disenfranchise customers. By adopting a channel-agnostic view, we’ve eliminated data and functionality silos, and single points of failure. And by collecting data in real time from every interaction, we’ve enabled agility with  business intelligence that makes service providers responsive to customer demands and market conditions.

On-demand call center applications, coupled with our customer engagement ecosystem, give USAN customers everything they need to differentiate themselves from the competition and provide amazing customer experiences through any phase of the customer life cycle.

USAN through the years

  • USAN opens its doors in September, 1989
  • USAN launches “Star Card” calling card service for Telecom USA
  • MCI acquires Telecom USA
  • USAN launches Maximum Security Inmate Calling Services
  • Teleport Communications goes online with USAN
  • USAN launches operator services
  • USAN introduces SS7 Network Integration
  • USAN announces IVR speech recognition
  • USAN hosts cloud applications for prepaid card, GTE Communications and quickly scales to millions of users
  • Bell Atlantic (Verizon) selects USAN for managed cloud services including postpaid calling cards and prepaid dial-one service
  • USAN brings online dedicated disaster recovery location
  • USAN launches enhanced toll free web-based call center application
  • USAN launches cloud services for SBC (AT&T)  and Cingular
  • USAN launches natural language IVR for automated voice recognition
  • Interactive Softworks develops multi-channel customer engagement platform
  • USAN implements biometric speaker authentication
  • USAN relocates headquarters and data center to 31,000 sq. ft. Norcross facility
  • Wiltel and Broadwing go online with USAN
  • USAN introduces outbound IVR for proactive outbound customer contact
  • USAN adds ACD and dialer components to its call center platform
  • USAN releases Fraud Insight for fraud prevention and detection
  • The SCOOTER Store, Certegy and TRANZACT chose Interactive Softworks for customer engagement services
  • USAN acquires Interactive Softworks
  • USAN achieves Payment Card Industry (PCI) 2.0 Certification
  • Kaiser Permanente, Rooms To Go and Stanley Steemer select USAN for cloud-based communications services
  • Honda, Hycite and Dominion Virginia Power choose USAN for customer engagement services