Automated Outbound Dialing System

Hosted automated dialing platform for predictive and preview dialing and more.

Automated dialing technology increases contact rates with customers and prospects. Fast, error-free dialing. No busy signals or answering machines. Just connections. And sales.


High Volume Outbound Customer Contact

Outbound customer contact can be expensive, time-consuming and ineffective. Without automated dialing capability, it is virtually impossible to achieve high volume customer contact due to manually dialing numbers, getting busy signals or connecting with answering machines.

Automated outbound dialing with predictive, preview and agentless dialing capability, has improved contact rates by eliminating the need to dial manually. 

USAN Automated Dialer is the perfect solution for high volume outbound customer calling and live agent interaction. Automated dialing software delivers the agent productivity features businesses need to perform efficient and cost-effective telesales, fundraising, collections, notifications, surveys and any form of outbound customer outreach campaigns.

Learn more about our outbound customer contact features and benefits, and contact our sales department for even more information about our Automated Dialer System.


Dialing Modes

The USAN automated dialing system supports a variety of dialer modes to handle almost any call type:

  • Automatic dialing: dial based on call-to-agent ratio to manage fluctuations in agent idle time and dialer pacing.
  • Preview dialing: show agents a timed preview of contact information prior to dialing.
  • Predictive dialing: predict agent availability for upcoming calls and dial to maximize productivity.
  • Precision dialing: ensure agent productivity by managing calls waiting for agent response during the dialing sequence.

Campaign Management

Create, modify, stop or start dialer campaigns dynamically for the ultimate in campaign management flexibility.

  • ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) Dialing from Tables: connect to existing host database tables using ODBC to eliminate manual list import/export.
  • Automatic Feed: use our Application Programming Interface (API) to integrate customer relationship management (CRM) system.
  • Exclusion Management: Agents can populate records in an exclusion list as requests arrive. You can temporarily add customers who are on the inbound campaigns to the exclusion list to filter a record from the outbound campaign.
  • List Management: manually import or schedule the import of call lists, apply appropriate filters and control outbound call campaign execution.
  • Agent Based Recalls: schedule customer callbacks to specific agents or agent pools.


USAN Dialer is an open system that easily connects with other systems for expanded capabilities.

  • Integrates with enterprise hosts, databases and legacy systems.
  • Support for multiple telephony standards
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Deployment Options

USAN offers dialing solutions for multiple deployment options:

  • Hosted automated dialer
  • On-Premise, all-in-one dialer



The USAN automated dialer for call centers makes outbound customer contact totally efficient.  Agents are only connected on live calls. Answering machines and busy signals are ignored and the next number is dialed.


By keeping agents connected with only viable customer contacts, the USAN automatic dialer improves contact center metrics like call connection time, agent handle time, after call work and data accuracy.


Use robust project management controls to coordinate targeted, multi-channel contact strategies that will take your sales and customer service initiatives to the next level.

Even More Powerful

USAN dialer has everything you need for custom disposition behaviors and business logic, skills-based filtering, and all manner of dialing controls like max calls and abandon rates.


Outbound calling is subject to legislation and compliance rules. The USAN dialer ensures compliance with Do Not Call (DNC) and Telemarketing Sales Rules (TSR).


Automated dialing is used across industries like financial services, healthcare, research, transportation, outsourcers, and contact centers.