IVR – Interactive Voice Response for Inbound

Automated voice response system for call center customer service automation.

IVR system with voice recognition or touch-tone provides low-cost, high touch customer service without agent support. Open 24 hours, customer friendly and easy to use.


Customer Self-Service Automation

Customer service must be available 7x24x365 to accommodate today’s always-on, connected and tech-savvy customers. Without the ability to handle customer requests after hours, or when live agents are busy assisting other customers, service levels would surely plummet.

IVR technology systems automate the process of customer interaction by enabling customers to serve themselves. Using a combination of touch tone and speech recognition and voice applications, today’s IVR apps and systems can facilitate simple or very complex customer requests efficiently and cost-effectively, without ever requiring a live agent’s time. From checking account balances or requesting updates on the status of an order, the possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to service automation with an IVR.

USAN call center IVR helps some of the largest companies in the world provide agentless, automated customer service that has improved service levels and operational efficiency. Click through the tabs above to learn more about our automated service features and benefits, and contact our sales department for even more information about USAN IVR.



From basic press-or-say applications to directed dialog and complete natural- language applications, USAN IVR lets customers “say anything.”

  • Discrete and continuous recognition
  • Advanced grammars
  • Multiple recognitions
  • Voice print verification
  • Speech application development: grammar & persona design
  • Application tuning

Call Flows and Menu Building

Create & manage call flows and menu trees with standards-based, familiar tools. Supports VXML 2.1 and third-party applications.

Integration: CTI, ACD & Legacy Systems

Integrates with enterprise hosts, databases and legacy systems.

  • SNA
  • MQ
  • HTML
  • XML
  • Web services

Integrates with all major CTI systems

  • Standard route requests or custom integration.
  • CTI session initiation protocol (SIP) messaging.

Integrates with all major ACDs

  • Customer information delivered via screen pop.


Always On

Stay open 24x7x365. And with 99.999% up-time in our cloud, USAN makes sure you’re always on.


Automate order processing, customer service, technical support, information retrieval or virtually any business process — let your imagination run wild.


Customers can speak or touch instructions to check account balances, change person information, pay bills, make reservations — or whatever you have in mind.


Quickly design menus, manage call-flow changes, change prompts, and tweak business rules to do things your way.


Connect to legacy business systems for closed-loop customer contact. Easily integrate with CRM, ERP, and payment processing systems— anything in your ecosystem.


Drill-down into the granular details of call flow, system utilization and interaction history reports to discover operating trends over any span of time.


Drill-down into the granular details of call flow, system utilization and interaction history reports to discover operating trends over any span of time.