AWS Support Policy

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1.0 Introduction

This document serves as a guide and resource for USAN’s production support and maintenance policy regarding products sold through Amazon’s AWS Marketplace. Support methodology and maintenance explanation and procedures are provided to define best practices in support of our USAN customer. The following content is intended to state appropriate and necessary measures for the day to day support of our customer’s business. This document can/will be updated as necessary through continuous service improvement efforts whereby we seek to identify new means by which to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.

2.0 Support Policy

2.1 Active AWS Instances

This policy contains information that applies only to active instances of USAN applications and related content purchased through the AWS Marketplace (“Products”) and the AWS customers who have purchased those instances(“Customers”).

2.1 Support Method

USAN’s AWS support website ( (“Support Portal”) may be used by Customers to report issues, ask questions, download updates (when available) and review examples. Customers must opt-in to Amazon’s Product Support Connection (PSC) in order to receive credentials to access the Support Portal.

2.2 Enhanced Support

Customers with support needs not covered by this policy should contact USAN at or 1-888-676-1112 for more information on USAN’s enhanced support programs.

3.0 Service Levels

USAN does not provide any service-level agreements (“SLAs”) for Customers. USAN will make every effort to engage with Support Portal communications in a timely fashion, but does not guarantee response times.

4.0 Maintenance Policy

4.1 USAN Software Updates

USAN provides update information to Customers via the Support Portal. Updates include, but are not limited to bug fixes, security updates and feature releases. On occasion, an update may require a Customer to deploy a new version of a Product using the AWS Marketplace and migrate their content instead of applying an update to an existing Product. Update instructions will be provided via the Support Portal.

4.2 Dependency Updates

Customers are responsible for maintaining any other software or systems required by the Product. This maintenance includes, but is not limited to network security updates, firewall updates, operating system updates, database server updates, web server updates and updates for any software not developed by USAN.