AWS Technical Overview – Visual IVR for Amazon Connect

USAN’s Visual IVR for Amazon Connect allows businesses to build the personalized experiences customers have come to expect on their many devices. The platform adds omnichannel functionality to your Amazon Connect contact flow in order to boost self-service adoption rates and improve customer satisfaction.
The following example illustrates using Visual IVR for Amazon Connect to allow a customer to self-service their change of address using the provided workflow.

AWS Technical Overview Diagram

  1. The customer (caller) calls into the Amazon Connect phone number attached to the contact flow with the change address option. The contact flow passes information to the Lambda function to start the Amazon Connect IVR Routing Campaign. An SMS containing a link is sent to the customer.
  2. The caller selects the provided link to start the Amazon Connect Change Address Campaign. That link opens a web form that collects and validates the new address. The caller may choose to stay on the line for helpful interactive information as they complete their address change.
  3. The caller completes the self-service address change and hears a confirmation message on the call.