Evaluating Tech Platforms to Ensure They’ll Meet Your CX Goals

Evaluating Tech Platforms to Ensure They’ll Meet Your CX Goals

Deciding which technologies will enable your business to meet its goals can be difficult. Which tech platform will work best for your customers? Which technologies will most positively impact your bottom line? Which will work best together?


When you’re looking to validate your tech decisions and get buy-in from your whole organization, you need to prove the value of the various tools you’re considering. A customer experience assessment can help.


How CX Assessments Guide Businesses Investing in Technology


Without an assessment of your current customer experience, you can’t effectively evaluate which CX technology would have the greatest impact on your customers. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the experience you offer is key to improving it — and key to finding the tech stack that makes that improvement possible.


A CX assessment begins by looking at your existing CX initiatives. It evaluates them for both their qualitative and quantitative value and then helps you define a set of CX goals and objectives. The results might show that you need to create a cross-channel experience to engage customers at multiple touchpoints. These results will also suggest how to do that. For example, the recommendation might be to adopt a smart agent interface that could support customers on both voice and digital channels.


With these recommendations and a road map in place, you get a picture of what tech setup would help your business best meet its goals. Then, you can focus your efforts solely on implementing the tools and technologies that make the most sense for your customers and your business.


CX Assessments and Risk Mitigation


A CX assessment doesn’t just provide a tech road map; it also provides risk mitigation guidelines. This helps you build your tech stack more confidently. By understanding how different technologies will impact your holistic customer experience, you can evaluate each one against its potential risks and benefits.


How does it do this? CX assessments evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of new technologies as they relate to your business specifically — from compliance issues to costs. Each of these factors could have serious consequences if ignored, misunderstood, or not planned for.


Without a CX assessment, your efforts to implement CX innovations and technologies could be hurt by security concerns, government regulations, and other risk factors outside your company. A good assessment will account for all these variables. Ultimately, it leaves you with the clearest possible road map for how to move forward successfully and optimize your customer experience.


Investing in technology just to stay on the “cutting edge” won’t help you meet your business goals. A customer-centric plan informed by a CX assessment will. The former lacks direction, but the latter enables you to strategically select CX technology that you know will better serve and engage your customers.


How USAN Can Help


If you’re trying to choose CX technology that will improve your customer experience and serve your business, USAN can help. We help you look at your CX approach from the customer perspective and then work backward to identify what those customers want and need. As we do all of this, we also account for security and compliance so that you minimize risk and maximize buy-in.


USAN’s cloud contact center solutions can help you achieve your customer experience goals. Reach out today to learn more.