Case Studies

Financial Institution Detects and Prevents Fraudulent Activity Before Actual Losses

A top 5 U.S. bank wanted a better way to detect and prevent fraud across their multiple credit card portfolios beyond their existing tools and technology. Because there was no centralized system in play, researching accounts was slow and required that they manually re-enter information across multiple systems. Because of the manual process, investigations and...

Financial Services Institution Simplifies Mobile Self-Service with Visual IVR

A top 10 global bank developed over 40 separate self-serve applications across a multi-decade relationship with USAN. Utilizing voice self-service best practices, USAN and the bank were able to achieve IVR containment rates ranging from 45-89%. However, in a continuous improvement initiative, the bank wanted to boost its self-service numbers further, while at the same...

USAN Helps Financial Services Firm Meet Regulatory Requirements for World's Largest IPO with IVR Solution

This financial services firm was preparing for what was, at the time, the world's largest initial public offering. A complex contact center and IVR solution was required to facilitate the IPO, and it had to be done in a very short period of time. Download this case study to learn how USAN overcame significant technology...

Global Financial Services Firm Reduces IVR Opt-Out and Contact Center Costs

As its customers switched to mobile phones, this financial services firm's ability to identify callers caused longer call times and reduced service levels. Download this case study to learn how USAN's IVR solution improved the banking giant's ability to identify and authenticate the caller, as well as improve first call resolution.

USAN Helps The Blood Alliance Increase Monthly Donor Appointments and Blood Unit Collections

To consistently meet its blood and blood product collection goals, The Blood Alliance was forced to use manual processes to contact the 700 people per day required to meet its goals. Get this case study to learn how USAN helped The Blood Alliance increase monthly donor appointments and blood unit collections.

USAN Helps The SCOOTER Store Provide World Class Service

While handling more than 14,000 calls per day The SCOOTER Store realized that trying to maintain agent productivity, effectiveness and service quality was impossible without an integrated calling solution and a flexible technology platform to support it. Get this case study to find out how USAN helped the SCOOTER Store increase the volume of outbound...

USAN Automates Certegy’s Lead Generation and Check Verification Services

Multiple siloed technologies and processes put a strain on Certegy's productivity, made tracking performance difficult and sometimes caused lost revenue. Download this case study to find out how USAN's early generation omnichannel infrastructure helped Certegy overcome these problems and produce measurable results.

USAN Achieves Omni-Channel Contact Center Success in a Clinical Research Environment

Complex business processes and inflexible tools hindered Accelovance call center agents from being focused on service and impacted their productivity. Download this case study to discover how USAN developed a customized omnichannel solution specifically to address these challenges.