Rocky Livingston

Rocky-LivingstonRobert “Rocky” Livingston is the CIO and senior vice president of operations at USAN. With responsibility for operations and management of call processing and web services platforms, he maintains the company’s impeccable reputation for highly available and compliant carrier-grade customer applications.

Since taking charge of operations and engineering in 1991, Rocky has established and managed every aspect of USAN’s call and data processing platform and the network operations center that supports it. His infrastructure, operations, and processes exceed the highest security standards and regulatory compliance in the industry, such as PCI, HIPAA, SOC-2, and NIST. Rocky also oversees vendor and carrier relationship management, information security and network engineering.

Prior to USAN, Rocky held operations and engineering management roles for MCI, through a series of telecom mergers beginning with startup long-distance company TSI-LineOne and including Southern Net, Teleconnect, and Telecom*USA. He entered the communications industry as a Senior Technician and Area Supervisor for Storer/Comcast Communications.

He holds a bachelor of science degree in business administration and management from Colorado Technical University.