Are you using Big Data to engage your Customers?

Are you using Big Data to engage your Customers?


Your organization’s contact center is a hotbed of data. Every interaction with the customer results in a wealth of information – some of it inferred, some of it explicitly stated – about the customer’s needs, wants and desires. This data offers organizations of all types and sizes an opportunity to take customer service to new levels – easily and cost effectively. The question is: Are you taking advantage of it?

We aren’t hearing any organizations say they don’t want to make their customers happier – quite the contrary. And, yet, according to the results of a McKinsey & Company survey, only 29 percent of companies are using big data/analytics tools or processes at scale to enhance customer service or support. We can only conclude that organizations don’t fully comprehend the possibilities.

First, let’s think about how data is used today. Some organizations are using big data collected by customer service agents and their IVR system within the contact center. Once a customer authenticates to the IVR system, he may be presented with personalized offers either via the IVR itself or directly from a customer service agent, based on previous purchases.

Meanwhile, over in the marketing department, promotional email messages are crafted based on web site analytics and the data customers provide via registration forms. These messages may or may not be well received because marketing has an incomplete picture of the customer. Marketing doesn’t know that Henry called customer service last week to request an extension on a credit card payment because he lost his job. An email message prompting Henry to spend his tax return on a new hi-def, big-screen television will not be well received. (I just told them I lost my job! Why are they sending this to me?!)

When big data is used at scale, data and customer interactions no longer exist in silos. The web site analytics collected by marketing help determine how calls are routed through the IVR system, and the information collected by the customer service agents is used to more effectively execute marketing campaigns. But these are just two examples. Big data can be used to increase customer engagement across every interaction channel: social media, voice, SMS messages, your website, email, etc.

To make this happen, you need a customer engagement platform based on an open architecture that can pull data in for use by the customer service department as well as push data out, for example, to other marketing applications. This will liberate your data from any one silo and enable everyone in your organization to use big data to better engage customers.  Click this link to download our latest white paper on Big Data in the Contact Center.