Call Center Solutions: Trends to Watch

Call Center Solutions: Trends to Watch

If your image of a call center is simply a bunch of people in cubicles with phones and a keyboard, times have changed.  Today’s customers expect to interact with companies on a variety of platforms—phone, e-mail, chat, text, and social.  As customers’ expectations have changed, call center solutions have grown increasingly sophisticated.  Here are a few call center trends to watch:

The Growth of Social

Today, 98% of the world’s top brands are on Facebook and 94% are on Twitter. As companies have expanded their social media marketing, they have also created an expectation that brands will knowledgeably and competently interact with consumers on social media.  Today’s call centers not only have to respond to phone and e-mail, but they also have to respond to the influx of data from social media networks.  Robust call center solutions include the ability to both monitor and service their brand’s social media channels.

Mobile Apps

As more consumers make the switch to smartphones, more companies are connecting with consumers through mobile apps.  In fact, 44% of companies now plan to allow access to customer relationship management systems through mobile apps.  Studies have shown higher customer satisfaction and an increase in sales among companies who have adopted the practice.  Full-featured call centers now offer the ability for customers to connect with customer service agents through smartphone apps.

Proactive Outbound

For years call-centers have focused on receiving inbound calls and making outbound sales related calls. Today’s call centers, however, are making the shift to proactive outbound customer contacts.  For example, a customer might choose to be notified by text, e-mail, or phone if his flight is delayed, bank balance goes below a certain level, or cable bill is due.  Proactive outbound contacts help improve customer satisfaction and reduce the number of inbound calls.

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