Call Center Technology Improves Efficiency and Service

Call Center Technology Improves Efficiency and Service

Customer call center technology has continued to evolve in many different directions. As a result, it can vary from the small and simplistic operation to larger, more complex centers that utilize the latest technological applications and systems. The challenge for all of today’s call centers is selecting technologies that work for them. There are some must-have technologies that today’s centers should be taking advantage of.

  • A system to process and distribute calls effectively. Automatic call distributors (ACDs) and/or dialers are a necessity to manage the flow and routing of calls appropriately. Any additional applications can be used to complement their functionality.
  • Servicing applications. These are used to properly document the customer’s issues and/or requests as well as steps taken to address them. These records must be complete and accurate for continuity so that each agent has a full understanding of the customer’s request.
  • Call recording systems. Any call center environment, whether inbound or outbound require a recording system to capture customer interactions. These can be replayed to examine any interaction issues. Ideally, the recording system would also capture related screens for the complete picture of the contact.
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) systems. Rather than pushing buttons in response to menu prompts, IVR allows the use of voice recognition to automate the handling of incoming calls. This can improve quality of the contact as well as automate most of the incoming calls in such areas as banking, credit card, and utility companies as customers call for information on their accounts. At the same time, companies realize cost savings in not needing front line personnel to route calls appropriately.
  • Agent management software. This is essential for larger call centers to help forecast the volume of calls and schedule agentsRobb DukeRobb to meet projected needs. As training classes, planned vacations, and agent illnesses occur, this software can be used to reroute calls as needed.
  • Quality assurance applications. These are used to measure how well agents are following policies and procedures. They are often considered a must-have in order for management to evaluate call center performance.
  • Telephony Integration. Computer telephony integration saves time by displaying a customer’s information on inbound calls. No time is wasted while the agent searches for the customer information. This application no doubt saves customer aggravation as well since they do not have to provide their information each time they call.

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