Enhancing the customer experience in the cloud

Enhancing the customer experience in the cloud

If you’re running an on-premise contact center and your computer support equipment is beginning to age a bit, you may be at a decision crossroads: Should you shell out the big bucks for new hardware? While you’re at it, what about the great new integrated customer management technology that everyone has been telling you about?

Going to the cloud will save all the capital investment costs, hassle and training as you finally take the step to enter a more level playing field, regardless of your business size.

Then there is the huge advantage of making your customer experience the absolute focus of your operation. Customers are creatures of habit and want to do business with people they already know. You will do about 65 to 70 percent of your overall business with existing clients. Their care and feeding have to be your main focus, and making their ongoing experience better is the vital step in customer retention.

So, whether with existing or prospective customers, with a cloud-based contact center, you reap the following benefits:

  • With enhanced call center management in the cloud, your marketing and customer recruitment efforts have a new focus – right at the point where the customer begins to interact with your greeters and helpers.
  • The cloud-based service does all the work; you get the credit. Call center equipment and software maintenance, upgrade and troubleshooting are done by the provider and are included in your the subscription price.
  • You pay for what you use. Your cloud-based contact center is scaled to your needs.
  • You can engage and interact with your customers with nifty features like automatic callback options or routing the customer to the last agent who handled the call.
  • You can go mobile with the apps that give your cellphone customers speedy handling in your cloud-based contact center.

So the idea that is at the heart of customer relations management is this: you peel away the impediments that distract everyone from giving each customer the optimum experience, which is really their main incentive for loyalty and repeat business.

What remains when those obstacles go away is both a focus and reflection. The focus is first, last and always the customer. The reflection are those great tools that allow you to get both a snapshot and overview of your call center so that you can remove even more customer service obstacles.

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