Measuring Call Center Customer Engagement

Measuring Call Center Customer Engagement

Businesses that use call center software are able to interact better with customers. This will include being more engaging and responsive to improve customer satisfaction. A business is better able to grow and maintain their customer base using good customer engagement. You will need to measure customer engagement for your business to see if an improvement to call center operations need to be made.

Call Resolution Rate

This is a metric or measurement of calls resolution that do not require transfers or follow-up. If there is a low percentage of your call resolution rate, then customer satisfaction declines and costs increase to ensure call esolution success. Factors that can affect the call resolution rate include deficient call representative training or lack of employee empowerment. Your call resolution rate needs to be a minimum of 90 percent.

Measure Quality Assurance

The measure of quality assurance is done by using software to record the customer conversation. This will allow your business to evaluate all complaints and track positive comments. The sound of a customer’s voice can also be heard to measure positive or negative sentiment. Any potential problem with the way customer sentiment is being displayed can lead to corrective action.

Monitoring Social Media

The monitoring of social media is needed to track comments that are left by customers. Comments that are posted on a social media site can be negative or positive depending on the treatment perceived by a customer. Three ways for you to categorize social media comments is by detractors, promoters and anyone that is looking to receive customer service. A disproportion of detractor comments may mean there is a problem with customer engagement that needs to be addressed.

The Promoter Percentage

This is the score of customers that are considered satisfied with their experience. They may not be your loyal customers, but customers that have received service that was above and beyond. If your promoter percentage is high, then there is an increased chance of a customer sharing their experience.