What Cloud-based Call Centers Mean for Your Customers

What Cloud-based Call Centers Mean for Your Customers

The benefits that cloud-based call centers provide to businesses are garnering a lot of attention. The industry is touting its low TCO, scalability and better disaster recovery. While the cloud offers some impressive benefits to call centers, nobody is talking about how it benefits customers.

The cloud works on a scalable outsourcing principle, pulling resources from multiple servers at the same time. This allows more to be done in a shorter period. Instead of processes waiting in queue on a single server, multiple servers are running various processes simultaneously.

This transfers into greater efficiency for the business. Greater efficiency means cost effectiveness. Everything translates into some statistic that demonstrates efficiency. But somewhere along the line, customers are being forgotten about. Customers aren’t statistics. They are people willing to spend their money on your business.

Underestimating PRI Capacity

Many call centers have more calls in queue than they are staffed to handled. Their PRI capacity is usually lower than their true call volume. This results in giving customers a fast-busy signal instead of switching the call over to the server. Calls are not the only thing in queue at on-premise call centers. Server processes waiting in queue on a single server can keep customer calls from even getting through.

After switching to a cloud based system, many call centers find that they receive more calls than before and now have calls waiting 30 minutes in queue. They are finally seeing their true call volume and can now calculate how many calls were previously being dropped simply because of low PRI capacity.

When call volume exceeds the capacity of your server and phone lines, customers don’t have a chance to be placed in queue. The caller is given a fast-busy signal instead. Cloud-based systems allocate server resources more efficiently and allow for quicker call connections and lower queue times.

Keeping Customers Happy

There is only one thing that infuriates customers more than waiting in an excessively long queue. And that is not being able to get through at all. The information provided by cloud-based systems allows call center managers re-allocate center resources to better handle call volume and keep customers from waiting in long queue lines.

The cloud provides many benefits and all of them can be expressed in some statistic. Except one, the customer. Customers aren’t statistics. They are real people waiting on hold to talk to another real person.

Cloud-based systems aren’t just better tools for making more money. They also make the customer’s day go by a little bit better. Please contact us for more information about creating a cloud-based call center that can help you help your customers.