Why the Voice of the Customer is a Driver of ROI

Why the Voice of the Customer is a Driver of ROI

When discussing return on investment (ROI), it is very tempting to focus on the factors that seem to be the most concrete: hardware costs, recurring monthly service fees, IT salaries, and other items that easily transfer over to a balance sheet. However, in the field of contact centers that deal with direct customer engagement, we must not overlook how significant the gains can be made by simply being responsive to the voice of the customer.

An April 2011 report from the Aberdeen group, created from a survey of 129 contact center professionals as an investigation of best-practices in the field, has revealed some numbers that are very telling when it comes to the value of customer satisfaction. Though this study was focused on the benefits of cloud-based call centers, it does so in the context of meeting customer needs.

Ultimately, “best-in-class” providers were able to resolve 75% first touch resolution calls and in the preceding 12 months before the survey saw a 17% decrease in the number of customer complaints. They were also able to achieve 48.28 second hold time on average, and 58% focused on performance monitoring to increase the quality of calls. This is all in the face of increased customer demand, which was considered by 64% of respondents to be a factor in upgrading call center solutions. The report also notes that customers “increasingly want to interact with contact centers at the time and in the manner of their choosing,” a goal with which best-in-class performers managed to align given the figures listed above.

The best way to explore and realize the savings and benefits that come with the adoption of both cloud-based call centers and, more importantly, being responsive to the voice of the customer, is to contact a trusted partner in call center solutions.