Customer Self Service Goes Mobile

Customer Self Service Goes Mobile

One of the big trends throughout 2012 in technology was the explosion of smartphones and tablets. These smaller devices allow consumers to access the internet from anywhere. Cutting edge companies are taking advantage of this surge to provide mobile apps that allow for customer self service.

Helping the customer self serve improves productivity as well as making the customer happy. If that self serve option is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so much the better. Mobile apps do exactly that and have exploded across the business world. Here are 3 industries that have taken mobile apps and used them to differentiate their business in very competitive markets.

Insurance Industry

Most people aren’t really interested in spending a lot of time on insurance, until they need to make a claim. However, the insurance industry has created the ability for customers and prospects to compare pricing, learn about coverage and even make a purchase without ever speaking to a person. They have taken it even further by creating mobile apps that allow a customer to make a claim immediately without having to wait to talk to their agent.

Banking Industry

Banks have also made online banking mobile. Not only can consumers access their information but now they can deposit checks remotely as well. There are apps to help consumers find the nearest ATM, accept credit card payments on your phone or pay for your purchases with your smartphone. The banking industry is constantly finding new ways to enable their customers to self serve and new apps will continue to launch as they become available.

Auto Industry

Buying and selling vehicles has gone mobile now. With a click of a button consumers can specify what they want right down to the color. However the auto industry didn’t stop there. There are apps to allow test driving of cars in games, viewing the inside and outside of a car in 3D, configuring a car before you buy it and communicating directly with your car using a smartphone.

All of these apps have one thing in common, empowering the customer to help themselves. Another byproduct of this trend is the expectation of consumers that a business will have some sort of mobile app or interface for them to use. Just like social media has become necessary for any business, mobile friendly websites and apps for customers will become a standard in 2013.

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