IVR Quiz: Sales Leveraging Techniques

Take this IVR quiz to find out how much you know about using IVR sales leveraging to increase your sales. Then read our IVR white paper to learn more.

How much do you know about using IVR sales leveraging techniques to increase your sales? Take our IVR quiz to find out. Read the questions carefully and choose the answer that is most correct! When you’re done, read our white paper How to Increase Your Sales with an IVR System or download our webcast The ABCs (Always Be Closing) of IVR Sales Leveraging to learn more.

1.) A consumer tech company wants to offer callers an extension on a warranty when it is due to expire within 30 days. Which of the following enables the organization to do this most efficiently?

a. IVR sales leveraging

b. Sales teaser

c. Routable offer

d. Profiling

2.) Which of the following is an example of a sales teaser?

a. To thank you for paying your balance on time, we’d like to extend your line of credit. Press 4 to accept this offer.

b. Everyday families experience hardship as the result of the loss of a loved one. Don’t put your family at risk. Apply for life insurance today.

c. Widgets Inc. wants to thank you, our customers, for making us #1 in customer satisfaction three years in a row!

d. Interest rates on home loans are the lowest they’ve been in more than five years. To learn more about qualifying for a home loan, press 3.

3.) Why is IVR sales leveraging an effective way to increase sales?

a. It is cost efficient.

b. Customers are receptive to your pitch.

c. It automatically puts sales offers in front of callers.

d. All of the above.

4.) Which of the following is a fundamental requirement of IVR sales leveraging?

a. Profiling

b. Tracking offers and callers

c. Maintaining a sales palette

d. Using a hosted services provider

5.) What is a bypass offer?

a. A sales leveraging technique that involves sending the caller directly to a customer service agent if one is available

b. A recorded offer that is played for the customer based on his/her profile

c. A sales teaser that the caller can bypass if he’s not interested in the offer

d. A sales leveraging technique that is played to a caller when he opts out of the IVR system and requests an operator

6.) Which of the following best describes a sales palette?

a. A customer profile for a specific offer

b. A matrix of offers currently running in the IVR system

c. A sales leveraging technique that involves presenting a promotional message to every caller via an IVR system

d. A matrix of offers for which a customer currently qualifies

7.) How does a scriptable offer differ from a bypass offer?

a. The organization identifies a customer profile that qualifies for a specific offer

b. An offer is recorded and presented through the normal IVR interactions with the caller

c. The offer is only presented once

d. The caller must authenticate before the offer is presented

8.) What type of IVR sales leveraging technique allows the organization to get the most out of the expense of a caller opting out of the IVR system to speak to an agent?

a. Routable offer

b. Bypass offer

c. Sales teaser

d. Profiling

9.) Which of the following IVR sales leveraging techniques is not typically accepted or rejected by the caller?

a. Bypass offer

b. Scriptable offer

c. Sales teaser

d. Routable offer

10.) Which of the following is not true about sales leveraging?

a. Sales leveraging enables organizations to gather additional data about their customers.

b. Sales leveraging can increase the ROI of an IVR system.

c. The goal of IVR sales leveraging is to provide offers that are relevant, timely and repetitive.

d. Sales leveraging can improve customer service as well as increase sales.


Answer Key:

1.)  d

2.) c

3.) d

4.) b

5.) a

6.) d

7.) b

8.) a

9.) c

10.) c

Did we stump you? Read our white paper How to Increase Your Sales with an IVR System for explanations. Or contact USAN to learn how we can help you increase sales with IVR sales leveraging.