Game On! at ICMI Contact Center Demo & Conference

Game On! at ICMI Contact Center Demo & Conference

Join Team USAN us November 3-5 in Chicago at the Hyatt Regency for the ICMI Contact Center Demo and Conference.

We will be demonstrating the power of Teleopti’s Workforce Management (WFM) gamification and mobility features at pedestal 103.

Look for the guys in the awesome blue football jerseys to get a first-hand look at our WFM solution that boasts agent performance improvement with motivational gamification features and easier workforce administration with mobile access. You can also play a few rounds of Madden NFL an earn a chance to win the Xbox One we’ll be giving away as part of the Passport to Prizes contest.

If you can’t wait to learn more about WFM version 8, here’s a quick look at the two most new exciting features:

Gamification – motivate your employees with fun!

In the latest version of Teleopti WFM, Agents are more empowered than ever, with greater influence over their work-life balance – in real time, wherever, whenever.

To further improve motivation and performance, Teleopti is pioneering the use of gamification features! Agents will engage in a fun, game-like competition that boosts motivation and rewards high, measurable performance – ultimately improving the customer experience and earning the company substantial ROI.

Gamification is increasingly being adopted and successfully applied in business contexts as organizations realize the tremendous value it can bring to their business; i.e. the fun and competitive nature and its built-in positive reinforcement pushes agents to perform to the best of their ability.

With Teleopti WFM you will automatically keep track of pre-set targets; adherence, number of answered calls and average handling time during the day. Next morning the agents will receive a notification of their goal achievement and be awarded with agent badges in gold, silver or bronze.

Work has never been more fun!

Powerful mobility – work wherever you are

Intraday management is all about staying in control of the day, and being ready to handle the unexpected. Teleopti’s Intraday module includes all the tools needed to proactively monitor and respond in real time, all from the same user friendly interface.

Intraday has two major functionalities: Real Time Adherence and Early Warning. Together they offer the best way to stay ahead of what is happening, in real time.

Real Time Adherence

Real Time Adherence provides vital information when it is needed most, through real-time agent performance management. Configure status groups, thresholds and alarms, and gauge how agents are adhering to their schedules based on CTI status, in real time. Since Real Time Adherence is fully integrated into the intraday module, you can effortlessly adjust schedules with simple drag-and-drop actions – based on real time agent status – all from the same interface.

Early Warning

Follow up on actual contact volumes, handling times, logged-in agents, speed of answer and service levels, and compare with forecasted and scheduled values. The graphical interface makes it easy to spot intraday developing trends that may require re-forecasting or a last minute optimization.