Building a Business Case for Omni-Channel Solutions

More than 70% of businesses indicate that increasing importance is being placed on customer service. These companies are pursuing Omnichannel customer engagement technology to provide the seamless experience today’s digital consumer demands. Watch this video for insight on the omni-channel opportunity, potential pitfalls and recommendations for success.

Omni-Channel Products

Metaphor Engage

The Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Platform.

Metaphor IVR+

The Omni-Channel Interactive Voice Response Platform.

Industry Solutions


Omni-channel solutions for Healthcare.

Financial Services

Omni-channel solutions for Financial Services.


Omni-channel solutions for Retail.


Omni-channel solutions for Insurance.


Omni-channel solutions for Utilities.


Omni-channel solutions for Telecom.


Omni-channel solutions for Logistics.

It's time to create your Omni-Channel customer engagement solution.

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USAN Announces New Amazon Web Services Designation: Connect Service Delivery Partner

USAN announced today that it has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Service Delivery Partner designation for Amazon Connect, recognizing that USAN improves customer experience and outcomes by identifying customer pain-points and designing a solution based on Amazon Connect and other AWS services. Achieving the Amazon Connect Service Delivery designation differentiates USAN as an AWS...

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USAN Announces Contact Suite for Amazon Connect

  March 18, 2019 – USAN, a provider of cloud-based customer engagement solutions, today announced the availability of Agent Desktop for Amazon Connect and Dialer for Amazon Connect. These solutions, along with Visual IVR for Amazon Connect, comprise USAN Contact Suite, a set of pre-packaged solutions built by USAN to extend the power of Amazon...

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Calculating the Total Cost of Ownership for Amazon Connect

Calculating the Total Cost of Ownership for Amazon Connect Total cost of ownership (TCO) is an important factor to consider when deciding whether or not to migrate your contact center to the cloud. However, unlike a move from one on-premises application to another, calculating the TCO for a cloud-based app is like comparing apples to...

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