Cross-channel Customer Experience Metrics Provide the Diverse Data Companies Need

Cross-channel Customer Experience Metrics Provide the Diverse Data Companies Need

The business today that doesn’t take its analytics into account is likely experiencing a great deal of difficulty meeting its customer’s demands. Considering analytics, however, is only the latter part of the battle. The first essential consideration that is related to customer experience metrics is the manner in which the information is gathered and then aggregated for the company.

Using customer experience metrics in an effective manner will provide your organization with the information needed to better meet your client’s expectations. The manner in which you collect your customer’s data must also be driven by their expectations though.

There are a variety of mediums that have historically been employed to gather analytic data. Phone, email, online surveys, in-store surveys, and video testimonials are just a few of the measures that have been used to collect the necessary metrics. With the quick evolution of technology and software, however, more companies are relying on electronic channels. While these methods are less expensive for business and more convenient for all parties, it can be quite a challenge to aggregate the data from multiple sources. The question becomes, “How do we harmonize cross-channel data so our customers are not asked to relive their experience over and over.”

78% of consumers polled said that they had been asked to repeat their same customer experiences. How frustrating to have to give the same information over and over again simply because the company does not have its stuff together. This experience leaves such a bad taste in many of their mouths that 50% are less likely to recommend that company, even if their testimonials themselves were favorable. That initial positive experience is replaced with the feeling that the company does not value their time and will not hear them no matter how much they give their input.

Data itself can be cumbersome, so your company has to prepare for its handling. This will take much more organization and communication within your organization. You may even need a different type of software to meld the data together or a chief experience officer to compile and analyze the information. The key is to complete this work in-house so you are not troubling your valued customers.

Nothing about your metrics is disingenuous. Your company sincerely desires to use your customer experience metrics to better your service and product offerings. Even though cross-channel metrics can be difficult to compile into a manageable form, the benefits are far worthwhile in improving your company’s foundation.

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