Customer Engagement, a Must for Utilities

Customer Engagement, a Must for Utilities

In the not-so-distant past, the communication between utilities and their customers was minimal and often single-channeled.  A customer would receive their somewhat confusing monthly utility bill in the mail, and the utility would receive their monthly payment.  Thus was the extent of the utility-customer relationship.

However, advances in technology along with consumers who expect better service and clearer communications are driving utilities to enhance and improve their customer engagement practices.  And utilities are beginning to understand and capitalize on the benefits of adopting a more customer-centric approach in their processes.

First and foremost, utilities should strive to achieve positive customer satisfaction through clear and consistent multi-channeled communications.  Going beyond just the traditional monthly billing statement, utilities should also provide means for customers to receive timely and relevant information through other sources, such as the web, mobile updates, and even social networking.  Additionally, utilities can show a personal interest in their customers by encouraging participation in energy efficient practices or programs, which can ultimately help their customers save money on their energy bills.

Through positive customer experiences, utilities can foster trust and brand loyalty, which, in turn, can lead to customer advocacy and activism.  A satisfied and engaged customer is more likely to support their utility through rate increases, power outages or infrastructure upgrades and less likely to turn to a competitor for services.

Utilities can work with USAN to formulate a complete customer engagement solution that unifies communications, business process and customer data.  USAN’s utilities customer engagement solution can leverage existing IT systems to improve customer relationships and trust and reduce operating costs.  Contact USAN today for more information.