Financial Services Customer Engagement Means Customer Empowerment

Financial Services Customer Engagement Means Customer Empowerment

These days, consumers are more wired in than ever before through the internet and mobile technology. Consumers have become used to having any inquiry answered immediately and information delivered upon request. Increasingly, today’s consumers seek empowerment through a variety of self-service options in everything from healthcare to paying bills. Nowhere is this trend more evident than in financial services. Simply put, people want to feel that they are in control of their own money.

For this reason, financial services companies need to boost customer engagement at every level. Whether checking balances, transferring funds or paying bills, customers want to be able to access accounts any time of day, from anywhere, without relying on customer service call centers. Offering multiple channels through which customers can make inquiries and conduct transactions enhances self-service, and saves both the company and the customer time.

Additionally, by analyzing customer online transaction data, companies can better target specific financial products and offers that fit the customer’s needs. In this way, cross-selling financial services to existing customers becomes much simpler.

Of course, there are still times when a customer wants interaction with an agent in order to get specific answers or to resolve problems or complaints. Offering multiple channels of service allows customers to decide for themselves the level of interaction they desire. In addition, more self-service access means shorter wait times for customers who do require an agent’s assistance while allowing those agents to better serve customers with complex requests.

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