How to Make Omni-channel Customer Service a Reality

How to Make Omni-channel Customer Service a Reality

Phone. Email. Social media. Your website. Customers have many ways to engage with your company. But siloed communication channels create a fragmented experience that frustrates customers and impacts service levels. Integrating multiple channels enables organizations to deliver consistent service and lead customers on a coherent customer journey.

For some time now companies have recognized the importance of enabling the omni-channel customer journey. But it’s hard to do, as evidenced by numerous examples of failure. Companies often take one of two approaches: They pour money into consulting services that result in a piece of inflexible custom software designed to integrate existing best-of-breed solutions. Or they rip out a significant portion of their systems and replace them with solutions from a single vendor. Both approaches are costly and require compromise.

But there is a third option. At USAN we have the secret to cost-effective, efficient omni-channel customer engagement: a unifying technology that has been around, and proving itself, for a number of years. And it’s something others don’t have… Metaphor Engage.

With Metaphor Engage, you’re closer to omni-channel customer service than you think. Our customer engagement platform allows you to keep your best-of-breed systems while avoiding vendor and custom software lock-in. Our unifying technology creates and manages user interfaces across all of your communication channels through a single, fully integrated implementation. No heavy investments in new systems. No labor-intensive integrations.

Metaphor Engage makes omni-channel customer service a reality.