Top 5 Ways Automated Customer Service Helps Utilities Deliver an Amazing Customer Experience

Top 5 Ways Automated Customer Service Helps Utilities Deliver an Amazing Customer Experience

Automating customer service for utilities providers can do a lot more than just save on costs. It’s a service that reaches out to the customer with a busy schedule and little time, allowing that customer the ability to access important information without waiting in a queue to speak to a representative. Although you may worry that automating your customer service makes customer contact less friendly and cold, it can actually have the opposite effect by delivering some amazing key benefits for both you and the customer.

So, we offer this list of five ways automated customer service can help utilities deliver an amazing customer experience:

1. Always available

The customer can access information when desired, even after hours.  Because no attendant is required, automated customer service can be available 24 hours a day, every day.

2. Frees up agents

More routine inquiries will be handled by your automated customer service, allowing agents in your call center to work on more complex customer service issues, assisting those customers whose inquiries require an agent.

3. Ease of access

A customer who wants to check account balances, pay a bill, or track an service installation order will appreciate being able to access that information quickly and without the hassle. Being able to perform simple functions without an agent lets the customer feel more in control.

4. Customizable

Menus can be customized to your needs and it is easy to change or update menus and prompts.

5. Reports

By automating customer service, you will have the ability to track utilization and operating trends with reports on call flow and interaction history. You can see the level of customer engagement and identify areas which may benefit from addition to the automated system.

Automating your customer service is just one way that USAN can help you deliver an amazing customer experience and improve customer engagement. Contact us to find out more about flexible, multi-channel communications solutions that are responsive to your customers’ needs.