You Get the Customer Experience Idea, What’s Missing is Customer Engagement

You Get the Customer Experience Idea, What’s Missing is Customer Engagement

Without even trying every company produces a customer experience – good or bad – when they interact with their customers. But no business in today’s service-driven economy can afford to leave it at that. You have probably defined an ideal customer experience and have many solutions in place to help your company create it: an ERP system, CRM software, payment solutions, social media listening tools, an IVR, the list goes on. But that’s not enough either. What you’re missing is customer engagement – the piece that ties it all together.

Customer engagement is the manner in which a business interacts with a customer. It implies a level of involvement with the customer, a commitment to the customer/business relationship. This is conveyed through consistent and seamless interactions across every channel, be it your company’s website, IVR, in-store sales reps or social media.

Historically, customer engagement has been difficult to achieve. It can take months to integrate the various technologies supporting these channels – or disparate solutions would need to be replaced with those from a single provider. But that is no longer the case, thanks to the availability of the customer engagement platform.

By serving as the glue that holds together customer-supporting technologies, a customer engagement (CE) platform allows businesses to easily engage customers and create their ideal customer experience. A CE platform integrates technologies so that information can be leveraged across all of them, providing data to the systems that customers interact with across every channel. The best part: A CE platform can unify your existing technologies, regardless of vendor, to change how your systems interact with customers and provide a cohesive experience.

A CE platform enables:

  • Customization of preferences
  • Consistent notification
  • Interaction histories
  • Exception processing in an IVR system
  • Consistency across mobile and web
  • And much more

In order to improve the customer’s experience, businesses must change how they interact with customers. Those interactions need to grow beyond simple one-off transactions. They need to demonstrate that you are invested in the customer’s interests and needs as they apply to your business. This is achieved by unlocking existing silos of customer data and leveraging that data across all communication channels. The result is customer engagement and consistently remarkable customer experiences.

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