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Customer Feedback Survey Generates Record Score for USAN

Customer Feedback Survey Generates Record Score for USAN

USAN is Perfect in the DMG Consulting August 2010 Hosted IVR Results

NORCROSS, GA., 14 September 2010 – USAN today announced that its Hosted IVR solution received a perfect customer satisfaction rating in the 2010 Hosted/Managed Service IVR Market Report from DMG Consulting LLC, a market research firm specializing in contact centers and real-time analytics. Customers surveyed in the industry report gave USAN a 100% overall IVR satisfaction rating based on their entire experience. USAN was the only company out of the seven included in the survey to receive perfect scores across the board. Service and support, professional services, and implementation were three of the categories assessed; all in which USAN’s scores represented complete satisfaction.

USAN’s state-of-the-art IVR functionality provides organizations with the ability to manage the most demanding customer service requirements. The service allows enterprises to access the complete suite of USAN’s advanced product set as their needs evolve. USAN’s outbound and inbound IVR enables organizations to offer self-service in a variety of fashions to its customers. We work with enterprises to understand how their customers request information so USAN can create the most beneficial service possible.

“Each year DMG Consulting conducts and analyzes many customer satisfaction surveys for various contact center IT markets. While customers have given vendors high marks in many categories, this is the first time a vendor has ever earned the top satisfaction score in every category,” said Donna Fluss, President of DMG Consulting. “USAN earned a perfect score across the board in all categories that were measured in the 2010 survey.”

“We’re delighted with the response we received from our customers in this survey, especially when we are in such good company as with the other IVR vendors included in this report”, said Chief Executive Officer of USAN Steve Walton. “While we constantly gather feedback from our clients to preserve those relationships, it’s nice to hear it reiterated to DMG Consulting. We will continue to do what it takes to provide the best services and solutions to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.”

USAN’s IVR is fully customizable and capable of managing the most stringent call-flow requirements. The intention of USAN’s Hosted IVR solution is to provide end users with a cost effective and dynamic resolution that is easy to use and flexible enough to adjust to changing conditions.