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GM Voices Announces Sales Partnership with USAN

GM Voices Announces Sales Partnership with USAN

Professional Voice Recordings to Complete Company’s Top IVR System Deployments

ALPHARETTA, GA – GM Voices, the largest producer of professionally‐recorded voice prompts and greetings for telecom applications worldwide, today announced a sales partnership with USAN, a provider of comprehensive call center solutions headquartered in Norcross, GA.

USAN chose GM Voices as its voice supplier after a thorough vetting process, determining that the production capabilities, voice talent selection, total language offering and long‐term economies provided the best value and customer experience to end users and automated system callers. “We don’t step into the recording studio until we’ve studied the client’s brand and target market,” said Marcus Graham, CEO of GM Voices. “USAN clients already have well-established brands. We just ensure that their brands are heard clearly in every phone call.”

GM Voices is currently developing English‐ and Spanish‐language voice personas for several of USAN’s flagship clients, international corporations representing the self‐storage and automotive financing industries. GM Voices’ recordings will represent these brands on all inbound and outbound IVR and self‐service applications heard throughout the country.

“With GM Voices, USAN effectively transforms every aspect of the caller experience,” said Harry Miller, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at USAN. “Their brandcentric recordings are the perfect guides for our intuitive, user‐friendly applications.” GM Voices will continue to work with USAN to humanize communications technologies, improving customer service and caller containment while lowering costs.