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USAN and TradeHarbor Announce Channel Partnership

USAN and TradeHarbor Announce Channel Partnership

TradeHarbor’s Voice Signature ServiceSM available with USAN’s Call Center Cloud Solution

Norcross, GA and St. Louis, MO (March 23, 2010) – TradeHarbor, Inc., a leading provider of voice authentication services, and USAN, a leading provider of Call Center Cloud solutions, today announced a partnership to offer TradeHarbor’s Voice Signature ServiceSM to any customer using USAN’s IVR services.

A Voice Signature is a digital representation of a person’s voice used to verify their identity with a high degree of accuracy. Voice authentication enables companies to provide the security of voice biometrics to better authenticate and protect customer transactions. A Voice Signature is as unique as a fingerprint and as binding as a handwritten signature. With an increase in identity theft, consumers gravitate to companies that offer products to increase consumer security and reduce the potential for identity fraud.

“USAN is very excited to partner with the leader in the voice authentication space. TradeHarbor has taken voice biometrics from a lab technology to a much more mainstream product that enterprises are requiring,” said Farid Shenassa, Chief Technology Officer at USAN. “TradeHarbor’s solution nicely complements the existing USAN Call Center Cloud solution.”

“TradeHarbor’s SaaS authentication solution technologically expands the USAN security and speech solution, so enterprises can deploy the best of breed voice authentication to better protect customer accounts and employee information. Not only will voice authentication work for customers on inbound calls, but USAN’s clients will also benefit from Voice Signatures in online authentication for transactions made from computers and mobile devices based on outbound calls to their wired or mobile phones,” said Bob Nelson, Vice President of Partner Development at TradeHarbor.

When an enrolled user calls an application protected with the Voice Signature ServiceSM, they are prompted to repeat a dynamically-presented phrase to be strongly authenticated. Voice Signatures are used to conveniently authenticate inbound telephone calls or, using outbound calls, authenticate transactions on the web and on mobile devices. The Voice Signature ServiceSM then returns a proprietary Normalized Detector Scale® confidence score that can be used as a real-time decision support factor in allowing or denying account access; it also maintains an audit trail, which provides unprecedented accountability. Additionally, Voice Signatures can be used as legally-binding digital signatures to electronically sign documents online or by telephone.

About TradeHarbor

TradeHarbor, Inc. is the provider of the Voice Signature ServiceSM which delivers voice authentication in a Software as a Service (SAAS) model. TradeHarbor is privately held and has been a pioneer in the voice authentication market since 1999. The Voice Signature ServiceSM has been designed to protect consumer transactions via phone, the Web, and mobile devices; it also provides legally-binding document signatures. For more information visit their website.