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USAN Visual IVR Now Available on AWS Marketplace

Visual IVR for Amazon Connect extends omnichannel IVR to Amazon Connect service

October 23, 2017 – USAN, a provider of cloud-based omnichannel customer engagement solutions, today announced the availability of Visual IVR for Amazon Connect on AWS Marketplace. Visual IVR is a customer self-service solution that seamlessly integrates with Amazon Connect, a cloud contact center platform. With Visual IVR, companies can offer customers another choice in the way they interact with their business.

USAN customers today demand service that is fast and easy. Often, that means using self-service options. Unfortunately, some interactions are perceived to be too difficult to handle through an IVR and end up with a live agent, resulting in higher costs and longer call times.

Visual IVR for Amazon Connect makes service easier for customers and lifts the load from contact center staff by recreating the IVR experience as an optical, mobile application. It augments IVR menus, prompts, flows, and rules in a graphical format. Companies can use voice prompts to guide customers through the graphical process, as well as mobile web and SMS options to collect and present complex data.

With Visual IVR for Amazon Connect, many of the interactions that were considered too hard for IVR become easier. Rich interaction capabilities and improved usability make self-service a viable option for more complex issues. USAN customers therefore “zero out” to agents less frequently, improving IVR containment rates. And with Visual IVR’s Amazon Connect integration, companies using the cloud-based contact center service can take advantage of this enterprise-grade functionality.

Since its release in March, Amazon Connect has made it easier for any business to deliver better customer service at a lower cost. Setting up a cloud-based contact center is as simple as a few clicks in the AWS Management Console, and agents can begin taking calls within minutes.

“Amazon Connect makes it easy for companies to set up and start using a cloud-based contact center,” said Steve Walton, President and CEO of USAN. “By leveraging Amazon Connect, USAN customers gain access to enterprise-scale features while honoring the agility and open integration tenants of Amazon Web Services. Availability on AWS Marketplace enables USAN to be a value-added provider to the most exciting new contact center solution introduction in a decade.”

Visual IVR’s seamless integration with Amazon Connect helps customers:

  • Improve the customer experience
  • Increase call containment
  • Reduce costs associated with live agents
  • Easily deploy enterprise-grade IVR functionality using AWS standard tools

Visual IVR is powered by Metaphor Engage, USAN’s omnichannel customer engagement platform. Metaphor Engage integrates communication and backend channels to enable companies to deliver a seamless customer experience across all channels. A built-in integration framework, workflow manager, and adapters connect almost any existing technology and database to unify data and enable companies to consistently deliver personal and relevant service. Metaphor Engage eliminates silos, centralizes business processes, and synchronizes them to work together according to specific business requirements.

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