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What It Is

Email is an important digital communications channel to add to the omnichannel mix. Agents can respond to emails from traditional email clients or from web and mobile forms. Because email is configured and managed from the same unified interface as the other components of Contact Suite, emails can be blended with other interaction types for optimized agent workloads.

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What It Does

Email for Amazon Connect uses the same sophisticated workflow engine that supports other USAN Contact Suite applications. Contact Suite can monitor any number of email boxes and “contact us” forms. Work is blended and prioritized according to your business’ needs. Emails can even be escalated in priority to make sure your team is complying with response time SLAs.

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How It Helps

In many cases, the email customer support function is siloed from other customer service channels and tools. This makes it difficult to gain a holistic view to measure agent activity, issue resolution and overall contact center performance across interaction types. Email for Amazon Connect is accessible from a single unified Contact Suite desktop so agents have the same information and context across interaction types. This reduces email handle time and delivers a more personalized customer experience.


  • Email routing based on agent skill for quick issue resolution
  • Customer data can be used to initiate personalized email responses
  • Respond to emails from traditional email clients or from web and mobile “contact us” forms
  • Emails can be blended with other interaction types for optimized agent workloads
  • Analyze email sentiment, root cause, agent performance and more using Contact Suite’s Enhanced Contact Trace Records.
  • Disposition every agent interaction on an email thread, including automatically marking items for future follow-up, if desired.


  • Reduce email response time with skills routing profiles and context-aware workflows
  • Improve agent efficiency by blending interaction types within a single desktop interface
  • Customer data is available as a threaded email conversation, a complete interaction history, or an integrated view from your CRM or other backend systems
  • Improve customer experience, resolve issues, and respond to inquiries in a timely, personalized way

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