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What It Is

Metaphor IVR+ is an automated platform that offers callers highly personalized voice, touch, text and other interaction options and optimizes calls to adapt to their needs.

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What It Does

It lets callers decide how they want to interact with the system and gives administrators powerful tools for greater call visibility, optimization and control.

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How It Helps You

Infinite automation possibilities promote customer self-service, while routing complex calls to live agents to improve service levels and cut operational costs.

How Metaphor IVR+ delivers a better customer experience

Metaphor IVR + is a cloud-based omnichannel IVR solution that offers highly personalized voice, touch, text and other interaction options. When integrated with other channels in your omni-channel infrastructure, IVR+ is aware of every step in the customer’s journey and ensures a seamless experience.


  • Choose from multiple touch-tone, speech recognition and voice application options.
  • Identify and authenticate callers with adaptive caller ID and personalization. Route calls dynamically to specific agent queues, call menus or other user-defined routing procedures based on profile data.
  • Automate customer service, order processing, tech support, bill payments, customer outreach and notifications, order and shipment statuses.
  • Integrate CRM, ERP and payment processing systems to unify your customer contact ecosystem.
  • Modify business rules with our user-friendly interface. Design and manage menus, prompts, call flow changes and much more to make your IVR your very own.
  • Keep your existing technology and systems, regardless of how many different vendors they come from.
  • Support major CTI systems, ACD and legacy systems, as well as enterprise hosts, database and legacy systems (SNA, MQ, HTML, XML and web services).
  • Hosted call center solution with a robust technology with greater than 99.999% availability.
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and support backed up in real-time by a separate disaster recovery site.


  • Callers can decide how they want to respond to automated prompts.
  • Resolve calls faster and improve live agent call management. Decrease abandonment rates with highly personalized prompts. Continuously optimize call flows for better, faster call resolution.
  • Improve customer service efficiency and lower operational costs.
  • Automate information retrieval or virtually any business process. Deliver better, faster and cost-effective operations.
  • Configure and scale your IVR system as your business grows and for your specific needs.
  • Upgrade to a world class IVR infrastructure without significant additional IT costs.
  • Integrate and unify existing systems for seamless internal and customer interactions.
  • Keep customers happy with an “always on” infrastructure with voice response and live agent options.
  • Stay open longer and deliver continuously delightful customer service from a secure infrastructure.

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Metaphor IVR+ Product Modules

Metaphor Survey

The Metaphor Survey module lets incoming callers opt-in to participate in an IVR survey conducted at the end of the call. The data helps users optimize future calls and improve service levels.

Metaphor Listen

Metaphor Listen records call audio and zooms in on any point to listen and evaluate the caller’s responses. Users can identify drop-off points or response patterns and extract this data to further optimize call flows.

Metaphor Speech

Often described as “say anything”, Natural Language speech recognition is an advanced voice recognition tool that analyzes the caller’s spoken responses. Metaphor Speech identifies and routes calls based on the caller’s choice of words and phrases, allowing him to resolve issues without waiting.

Metaphor Vision

Metaphor Vision is an advanced post-call analytics and troubleshooting tool. Vision zeroes in on specific calls to identify and resolve issues such as routing rules, speech recognition and integrations. Users can then export the data for easy viewing and sharing.

Metaphor Fraud Protection

Metaphor Fraud Protection is an application that can detect, track and report on potential fraudulent activity in IVR transactions. Users can define rules specific to their environment that, when breached, can identify fraudulent behavior and prevent these transactions from occurring.

Metaphor IVR+ In Action

An unconventional approach to Customer Authentication

When a global financial institution client noticed that customers were increasingly using mobile phones as their primary contact method, they discovered that traditional outbound methods of updating their information were costly and unproductive. Learn how USAN created a unique IVR solution that went beyond the basics to both solve the problem and cut operational costs.

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