Outbound Dialer for Amazon Connect

TCPA-Compliant platform runs high volume outbound calling campaigns on Amazon Connect

Automated outbound calling capabilities for Amazon Connect

The unique combination of USAN’s campaign management capabilities and Amazon Connect Outbound Campaigns delivers high quality, high touch communications with customers while maintaining compliance and improving agent efficiency.

Dialer and Campaign Management for Amazon Connect

What It Is

USAN Dialer and Campaign Manager is an accessible, TCPA-compliant platform that manages outbound calling campaigns on Amazon Connect, the pay-as-you-go contact center platform from Amazon Web Services.

What It Does

It can manage multiple campaigns, automatically import lists from AWS S3 buckets, manage record processing through configurable campaign parameters, all while leveraging the Amazon Connect outbound campaigns platform for telephony, agent, and queue management.

How It Helps

Dialer adds high touch outbound calling capabilities to Amazon Connect in order to boost sales, increase collections, launch surveys, and provide outbound notifications in a myriad of use cases.

Scale to high volume, concurrent campaigns with easy provisioning tools

USAN Dialer increases agent efficiency and utilization with blended inbound, outbound, and digital communication channels. Flexible dialer modes support auto dialer for rapid notifications and power dialer for telesales and collections.

USAN Contact Suite for Amazon Connect

Agent Desktop

for Amazon Connect

Agent Desktop is a customizable desktop interface that front ends the Amazon Connect platform.


for Amazon Connect

Add automated outbound calling capabilities to Amazon Connect to run multiple, concurrent campaigns.

Web Chat

for Amazon Connect

Chat with customers and prospects in real-time conversations from your website.


for Amazon Connect

Give your customers the flexibility to engage on the communication channel of their choice.

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