Web Chat for Amazon Connect

Digitally engage customers in real-time conversations with intelligent bots or live agents.

Provide a seamless omnichannel experience by adding web chat to your communications stack.

Give your customers the flexibility to self-serve or interact with live agents via your web site.

Web Chat for Amazon Connect

What It Is

Web chat for Amazon Connect is an easy-to-implement communications channel that lets prospects and customers interact with your agents directly from your website. As part of USAN Contact Suite for Amazon Connect, agents have access to a single, unified interface in an all-in-one application. Inbound voice, outbound dialing campaigns, web chat, and email are fully integrated with Amazon Connect and support your customers on the channel of their choice.

What It Does

Web chat uses the same sophisticated workflow engine that supports other Contact Suite applications. This provides a highly customizable platform that enables digital customer support for any type of product or service inquiry. Visitor metadata (or CRM data) displays full customer history and order details that can initiate a specific process or workflow during the live chat session.

How It Helps

Web chat is an important piece of your omnichannel strategy because it gives your agents the necessary tools to support website visitors with real-time conversations. Because it’s pre-integrated with Amazon Connect, there are no set-up fees, and everything is managed from a single interface. Customer experience is improved with tailored, personalized responses, and agent efficiency improves with the ability to work in a blended digital/voice environment.

Chatbots and live agents work in tandem in a blended environment

AI-powered chatbots are an option to make service accessible for customers while lowering costs. The application supports a smooth transition from bot to live agent when needed, with call context and important details about the chatbot session included in the Agent Desktop.

USAN Contact Suite for Amazon Connect

Agent Desktop

for Amazon Connect

Agent Desktop is a customizable desktop interface that front ends the Amazon Connect platform.


for Amazon Connect

Add automated outbound calling capabilities to Amazon Connect to run multiple, concurrent campaigns.

Web Chat

for Amazon Connect

Chat with customers and prospects in real-time conversations from your website.


for Amazon Connect

Give your customers the flexibility to engage on the communication channel of their choice.

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