USAN SaaS Service for AWS Marketplace Support

Standard support services as defined below are included in the license fees of the service. For enhanced support offerings, please contact and request a private offer with enhanced support.


Standard Support:

USAN is responsible for:

  1. USAN will provide tier 1 to 3 technical support for the SaaS service provided in the marketplace offer.  Tier 1 to 3 support is responsible for handling service issues and troubles from basic break fix to debugging interconnectivity and deployment issues in the USAN AWS Account.  It includes troubleshooting and diagnoses of service problems to determine root cause, providing a work-around to the problem when possible, as well as defect resolution when possible. USAN will also manage trouble tickets with Amazon as required to support the SaaS service and will maintain Amazon AWS Business Support or greater on the account providing the SaaS service.
  2. Break / fix services for the SaaS offering are provided with SLAs that mirror the underlying Amazon SLAs for the AWS Services (the most prominent of which is Amazon Connect: ).
  3. USAN will actively monitor the account and configured services using our support tools to proactively detect troubles, outages and performance issues; raising alarms and beginning the resolution process as appropriate.
  4. USAN will utilize Amazon Cloudtrails to maintain an ongoing audit of account access and changes in the event this is needed for root cause analysis or audit purposes.
  5. USAN will maintain security services in the account, using the USAN standard AWS offering security suite.
  6. USAN will provide business day support available 12×6 (US Eastern Time based) via phone and email.
  7. Current trouble ticket status is also available on the web.
  8. USAN reserves the right to discontinue debugging services if the issue resides in the Customer’s scope of ownership (i.e., in the Customer’s AWS account or Customer’s network access to the account) until such time as Customer’s issue is resolved.


Customer is responsible for:

  1. Maintaining their AWS account in good standing.
  2. Maintaining the USAN defined AWS service roles and access privileges necessary for SaaS solution access.
  3. Providing cloudwatch logs from the AWS services where needed for debugging.
  4. Assisting with diagnostic scans and network traces in support of diagnostic and repair activities that involve agent PCs.