Building a Healthy Customer Experience Ecosystem Webinar Replay

Achieve balance between people, processes and technology. The ecosystem involved in delivering an excellent customer experience requires a delicate balance to function at the high level of today’s consumer demands. With a commitment to improving the health of a customer experience ecosystem, how do companies go about converting their best laid plans into action? An…

The customer experience ecosystem of people, business processes and technology must inter-operate seamlessly to function at the high level today’s consumer demands. But achieving a healthy balance between these pillars of customer service is no easy task.

In this webinar replay, originally recorded in April 2013, Megan Burns, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Inc. joined USAN to clarify what makes a customer experience ecosystem healthy, what it takes to bring your ecosystem from sickness to health, and where is the best place to start.

We’re sorry, but this webinar replay is no longer available. However, the presentation is available for view on SlideShare.