Debunking Five Myths About Hosted Contact Centers

No Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)discussion is complete these days until someone touts the many benefits of moving applications to the cloud. It’s hard to ignore the promise of CAPEX and OPEX savings, especially when many businesses are still recovering from the economic crisis and are searching for ways to provide additional value to their customers. But not all SaaS offerings are created equal. Some applications are a better fit for the cloud than others, and some providers are better capable of delivering cloud-based services than others. Hosted call centers are no different.

Historically, SaaS call center providers have struggled to provide the security, scalability and integration that companies require. But this isn’t always the case today. In this webinar replay, originally recorded in June 2012, learn about the five common “gotchas” associated with cloud call centers and how they compare to on-premise software. Watch the webinar now!