Using Big Data to Achieve New Channel Executive Support Webinar Replay

Are you ready to implement social, mobile, or other emerging channels but wonder how to get executive buy-in? We will show you how to leverage your big data and analytics to make your case for emerging channel implementation.

Innovative companies are combining historical and real-time data derived from their traditional and emerging contact center channels to create a detailed customer profile. With more accurate information about a customer’s history, preferences and behaviors, call centers are making smarter and faster decisions about people, processes and technology while delivering better and more consistent customer service. However, hype, compliance requirements and technical challenges present obstacles that must be overcome to achieve the desired customer experience infrastructure.

How do you make sure you’re separating hype from reality? We’ll help you sort it all out. Join us as ICMI community expert Lauren Ziskie and USAN expert Ian Hunter share best practices and tips

In this webinar replay, originally recorded in November 2013, ICMI and USAN separate hype from reality to help you sort it all out. Register to watch it now!