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How AWS Technology Improves the Customer Experience

How AWS Technology Improves the Customer Experience

We live in a world of rapid innovation, where 1.35 million tech startups compete alongside established businesses to carve out a customer base for themselves. In this environment, it’s not always clear what differentiates one company from others that offer similar products.

In truth, for most companies, the most effective differentiator isn’t directly related to the product at all but to the customer experience. Sixty-six percent of customers care more about the experience than about price, and 81% of organizations consider customer experience to be a top competitive differentiator.

This White Paper covers:

  • AWS contact center technology that provides businesses needed differentiation in customer engagement
  • The role of Chatbots in Customer Experience
  • How AI is benefitting customers and employees
  • The power of Speech Analytics in shaping the Customer Experience

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