White Paper

The Evolution of the Contact Center

Over the past few years, we have seen dramatic changes in the relationship between corporate business and customer. Across the western world, power has been steadily shifting back to the consumer. Most markets are mature and this speed of commoditization has made it all the more important to handle customers in the way they want to be handled at a time that’s right for them. Making this focus on good customer service even more important, today’s customers are more sophisticated than they have ever been previously and they have at their disposal – through the Internet, through content aggregators, comparison and peer-to-peer sites – a raft of ways to share information on corporates that did not exist as recently as a decade ago. For all of these reasons, it is more important than ever that businesses get customer service right. This white paper examines where we have been and where contact center technology is going and how you can make the right choices when choosing to refresh your contact center technology. Download here.