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USAN Provides Cutting Edge Outbound Dialing Solution to a Leading Automotive Manufacturer

USAN Provides Cutting Edge Outbound Dialing Solution to a Leading Automotive Manufacturer

Atlanta – June 22, 2022

USAN, a leading provider of cloud customer engagement solutions, announced the successful deployment for a top US automobile manufacturer of Contact Suite and Amazon Connect from Amazon Web Services (AWS) which includes support for Amazon Connect outbound campaigns. The rollout is significant because of the breadth of functionality delivered and the quick 90-day deployment in which the implementation took place.

The leading automotive brand required a flexible cloud contact center solution to support their outbound collections and customer notification goals. They also needed a system that offered an open data model that could drive actionable reports and rich analytics. The unique combination of USAN’s outbound campaign management capabilities and Amazon Connect outbound campaigns support delivery of high quality, high touch communications with the manufacturer’s customers while maintaining compliance and improving agent efficiency.

Solution highlights include:

  • Auto Dial for customer notifications and early-stage collections for automotive loans and leases
  • Power Dial for compliant, agent-assisted collections
  • Dynamic list processing, including multi-number best time to call, specialized time of day, and day of week rules
  • Ability to run multiple, concurrent campaigns
  • Configurable call dispositioning with unified cross campaign logic for inbound and outbound
  • Advanced retry logic supporting call exclusions and time zones
  • Near real-time dashboards for campaign performance analytics

The automotive manufacturer chose USAN as their partner to design and deploy the end-to-end CX solution because of their expertise in cloud contact center implementations and deep knowledge of advanced outbound applications. The USAN and AWS solution helped vastly improve their outbound calling performance and exceed their overall business objectives.

According to Steve Walton, President, and CEO of USAN, “We used our 25 years of outbound calling expertise to help one of the world’s top five automotive manufacturers deploy and optimize multiple inbound and outbound calling campaigns using Amazon Connect. It was important to this leading automotive brand that they move to a solution designed for innovation with a roadmap to meet their needs now and in the future. Amazon Connect outbound campaigns is used to conduct customer notifications and institute live agent calls for critical debt collection and for lease and loan lifecycle management. We leveraged Connect’s outbound campaigns feature and the advanced campaign management capabilities of USAN’s Contact Suite to help this global automotive manufacturer create and run complex, efficient, and effective campaigns.  Amazon Connect provides our customer with the instant scalability to place and receive thousands of simultaneous calls within one environment. USAN looks forward to continuing to work with AWS to help our customers create automated contact center communications that maximize agent productivity and drive end-customer satisfaction.”


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