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What It Is

Metaphor Contact Center delivers remarkable omnichannel customer experiences — across voice, email, text, social, and web — through a single, secure hosted software platform.

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What It Does

The platform gives your agents the tools they need to have rewarding conversations with your customers across all channels and take immediate, meaningful actions. Experience increased First Contact Resolution, decreased Average Contact Handle Times, and improved Customer Satisfaction.

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How It Helps You

Our solution makes it easier to enhance the customer experience, ensure compliant outreach, improve productivity and streamline operations – all while lowering total cost of ownership.

Metaphor Contact Center Overview Video

Watch this video to learn how USAN’s Metaphor Contact Center makes it easy to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty while lowering total cost of ownership with the industry’s most secure, reliable and flexible cloud contact center solution.

How Metaphor Contact Center delivers a better customer experience

Metaphor Contact Center is a cloud-based omnichannel solution that centralizes contact options within one platform. Metaphor’s powerful agent desktop makes agents better informed and more empowered while focusing on service as they interact with customers across voice, email, chat, SMS and social channels. Additionally, contact center managers and executives have the ability to monitor from the customer journey down to the seconds between IVR choices using powerful analytics to drive optimization decisions. All of this is offered in our Standard, HIPAA, and PCI attested deployment environments to meet the growing demand for securing all business-critical information.


  • Metaphor Contact Center delivers deployment flexibility to take cost reduction and consolidation to the next level with server/desktop virtualization capabilities and cloud optimization options.
  • Provide an omnichannel customer experience, regardless of contact method, with Metaphor Contact Center’s user flexibility and efficiencies that minimize customer time and effort, making it easier to engage.
  • Remain compliant with regulatory requirements while conducting proactive outreach strategies for mobile contacts with Metaphor Contact Contact.
  • The platform offers unprecedented reliability, scalability, ease-of-administration, and integration with enterprise platforms and applications.
  • Metaphor Contact Center provides sophisticated inbound automatic call distribution routing capabilities for today’s modern contact centers – all in a single, elegant platform. Capabilities include Inbound ACD Routing, Skills-based ACD Routing, Dynamic Inbound Routing, and Contextual Routing.
  • Get enterprise-level outbound dialing and campaign management that drives automated, high-touch multichannel campaigns through voice, email or SMS.
  • Focus your efforts on managing your business instead of hardware and software. Our cloud solution will meet all of your technological requirements and allow you to concentrate on the strategic direction of your business.


  • Mitigate the risk in your organization by removing PII and card data from contact center systems as well as transferring risk management to USAN.
  • Increase agent efficiency through a unified omnichannel suite of industry-leading contact center capabilities including a process optimized desktop and cradle to grave, drillable analytics.
  • From phone calls to text messages to emails to Tweets, your customers will enjoy a great experience each and every time they reach out to your company.
  • Use the power of social media to have meaningful, two-way conversations with your customers and foster new levels of connection and loyalty.
  • Metaphor Contact Center delivers deployment flexibility to take cost reduction and consolidation to the next level with server/desktop virtualization capabilities and cloud optimization options.
  • Modernize and manage your contact center without bearing the burden of significant additional capital and IT investments. Customer engagement initiatives and optimizing your operations become easier to manage.

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Metaphor Contact Center In Action

Contact center success in a clinical research environment

When Accelovance was commissioned to conduct patient surveillance for a clinical research study, there was no room for error with their contact center platform. Agents needed immediate and reliable access to data critical for the subjects’ care. Learn how USAN delivered a completely custom solution to meet their very stringent requirements.

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