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What It Is

Metaphor Engage is a unique customer engagement platform that integrates your service (web, SMS, social, phone) and backend channels to offer customers a seamless experience.

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What It Does

It leverages and integrates your existing technologies and communication channels. Once in place, it unifies data across all channels to consistently deliver personal and relevant customer interactions and improve service and satisfaction levels.

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How it Helps You

Customers want personalized interactions across all channels. Omnichannel infrastructure is attainable with Metaphor Engage. Its unique capabilities let you implement a solid and scalable infrastructure faster and with less risk.

How Metaphor Engage delivers a seamless customer experience

A typical omnichannel ecosystem includes customer touch points, communications channels, departments and lines of business and the software systems they use to conduct business. Metaphor Engage eliminates silos, centralizes business processes, and synchronizes them to work together according to your specific business requirements


  • Allows for flexible data access (XML, JSON, etc.) across any platform
  • Robust management, monitoring, and troubleshooting tools
  • Performance-based monitoring and exception processing (failover, scale-up/scale-down, etc.)
  • The platform supports end to end encryption to enable enhanced security.
  • Build business logic in self-contained, reusable chunks
  • High performance infrastructure for network and data access, dynamic business rules, multitasking
  • Adapters for handling every common data APIs


  • Transform your business to deliver a consistent, personalized and positive shopping and brand experience to every customer.
  • Unify your infrastructure and avoid costly launch delays, system replacements and vendor lock-ins.
  • Get unprecedented insights into customer behavior – improve satisfaction, increase sales, loyalty and lifetime value.
  • Build a robust and scalable environment while limiting additional software, IT and training costs.
  • Scale quickly and add more power with less effort and more impact.
  • Optimize each customer interaction and streamline your efforts and lower costs over time.
  • Unify your CRM, ERP, proprietary databases and more for real-time insight and faster decision making.
  • Get accurate, actionable business intelligence to continuously improve the customer journey. Refine cross-channel engagement for faster customer acquisition and improved retention, satisfaction and loyalty rates.
  • Increase efficiency: implement changes quickly while keeping IT staff focused on strategic tasks.

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Metaphor Engage In Action

Unprecedented Productivity Gains

Within the first month of using USAN’s customer engagement platform, Certegy met or exceeded productivity and performance goals and significantly reduced cost-per-lead. Learn how USAN improved Certegy’s contact center platform for inbound & outbound call and email management, call flows, scripting, quality assurance and reporting.

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