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What It Is

Metaphor SecurePay is a patent pending PCI-compliant service that provides a safe payment transaction platform outside of your contact center.

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What It Does

It allows agents to accept payment transactions while assisting customers on the phone—without ever coming into contact with payment data.

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How it Helps You

SecurePay eliminates the burden of PCI compliance and allows you to freely monitor and coach your agents.


  • Easy-to-use web app can be located anywhere within existing agent desktop application.
  • Masks the customer’s payment information to help prevent call center fraud while giving the agent feedback that the customer is entering information.
  • Multi-modal connection allows a call center agent to service a customer on the phone and send a text message or email with a link to a microsite that manages the transfer of funds.
  • A payment gateway transmits data directly and securely between the customer’s account, bank account and card providers.
  • Integrates with existing payment providers such as PayNow, Global Payments, Chase, Western Union and Fiserv (and may easily be adapted to work with many other existing providers).


  • Because neither agents nor your systems are ever in contact with payment data, you reduce both your security threat and PCI compliance scope.
  • Secure transmission of financial data gives customers peace of mind.
  • Payments are verified via a nationwide network of prominent financial institutions—with no discernible impact to the processing timeframe.
  • Customers and agents are notified of transaction results in real time.
  • PCI-compliant solution eliminates the burden of compliance and allows you to freely monitor and coach your agents again.

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Financial Transactions and the Contact Center

How to reduce risk and PCI scope

When customers call customer service they expect to be able to make financial transactions, whether it’s to pay an outstanding bill or cover the difference for a higher priced exchange item. An inability to process these payments reduces potential revenue and impacts the customer experience. However, processing financial transactions in the contact center exposes the organization to considerable risk. In this white paper, we offer an alternative approach to processing financial transactions that improves customer service and minimizes the risk posed to the organization.

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