High-Volume Outbound Communications on Amazon Connect

Published March 5, 2023

Amazon Connect recently announced outbound dialing capabilities.  This feature makes reaching out to customers on a large scale more efficient and effective for contact center operations and agents.

While Amazon Connect has long been a great tool for inbound interactions, AWS made the solution a one-stop shop for both inbound and outbound communication.


Amazon Connect Outbound Campaigns

Companies that manage a high volume of outbound calls, emails, and text messages know how hard it can be to find the right contact center tools to manage the load. Dialing up a roster of customers (many of whom won’t pick up on the first attempt) can add hours to an agent’s day, putting them behind on their other tasks.

Amazon Connect alleviates the pain points of traditional outbound contact work. It does the dialing. It uses pre-built rosters. It bases the number of simultaneous calls it makes on the number of agents currently available — and agents are only connected once a call goes through to someone. Amazon Connect’s automated dialer can even recognize between voicemail, busy signal, and live caller, routing the call accordingly.

Beyond this, Amazon Connect also offers a wide array of real-time metrics. Managers can track KPIs such as contact volume, abandonment rates, and outbound connect rates, and are used by Amazon Connect to determine the appropriate call pacing for each agent.

USAN Contact Suite for Advanced Campaign Management

For more complex outbound campaign management needs, Dialer, part of USAN Contact Suite, can be leveraged to run multiple concurrent campaigns. USAN Dialer is an accessible, TCPA-compliant platform that manages outbound calling campaigns and is natively built for Amazon Connect. USAN Dialer capabilities include:

  • Automatic list imports from AWS S3 buckets
  • Record processing through configurable campaign parameters
  • Advanced retry logic and call dispositioning
  • Contact attribute display

If you’re interested in learning more about what you can do to maximize efficiency and productivity in your contact center operations with Amazon Connect’s outbound communications platform and USAN Dialer, contact us today. Our cloud contact center solutions and Amazon Connect integrations can help you see through the lens of the customer and provide you with the tools needed to manage engagement across every channel.

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