Improve Agent Experience With These Contact Center Tools

Published July 3, 2023

When contact center agents are engaged, they can better serve customers. However, it can be hard to figure out exactly how to consistently foster and cultivate agent engagement.

One of the most powerful ways to do this is with CCaaS technology. An advanced tech stack can bolster agent retention and morale and increase contact center efficiency. The problem is that many contact centers don’t consider technologies from the agent’s perspective. This matters because tech tools will only be as effective as they are embraced.

When technologies are difficult to use or don’t seamlessly integrate with other technologies already in place, they create more work for agents rather than supporting them in a way that increases their engagement. When agents still must shuffle among several tech tools to find the answers and information they need, or when they struggle to navigate and use the tools themselves, it is more difficult to provide customers with the best possible support experience.

That said, how can contact centers build a tech stack that enables agents to solve customers’ problems efficiently and effectively — all while making the experience more efficient and effective for the agents themselves? Below are three technologies that can improve agent engagement and support agents in a way that works for and with them:

1. Task Automation Technology

Contact center work can sometimes feel mundane or repetitive. It doesn’t have to be, though. Today, task automation software can handle repetitive pre-call, in-call, and post-call tasks, which frees up agents and adds to the goal of overall workforce optimization.

Say an agent works for an airline and issues a customer credit on a canceled flight. Instead of making the agent go to the CRM system, manually open a case, and enter all relevant details about the interaction, an automated system can do all of this immediately and without agent input. The agent only has to verify the accuracy of the information. As a result, task automation technology creates a smooth, efficient workflow that helps the agent better support the customer (and feel supported).

2. AI-Powered Technology

Contact centers increasingly see the value in AI-powered technology that provides contact center agents with relevant knowledge and information during customer interactions. But many are less familiar with AI-powered empathy tools, which do more than tell agents relevant facts: They also use AI to improve an employee’s “softer” skills like listening.

Consider this example. An agent who has an unhappy customer on the phone can easily become unhappy and frustrated as well, prompting them to raise their voice. An AI-powered empathy tool can “listen” to the call and issue a pop-up reminding the agent to stay calm. The tool can even give some directives like “take a breath” or “stop interrupting the caller.” Afterward, the call can be logged with similar calls, which can be further analyzed to determine whether the agent needs extra training in a specific area.

3. Scheduling Technology

Workforce scheduling technology and programs also support agents and increase their engagement. These tools ensure that the right agents are working at the right times and use historical data to determine how to minimize agent downtime and better predict incoming call swells.

A comprehensive workforce scheduling program focuses on supporting employees in various ways. Not only are agents encouraged to showcase their strongest skills, but they are also rewarded by being able to sign up for the shifts they prefer, promoting a stronger sense of independence and work-life balance.

Engaged agents are at the center of successful contact center operations. To learn more about building a tech stack that helps increase agent engagement, get in touch today.

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