OnCourse + USAN Case Study

OnCourse Partners with USAN for Rapid Migration to Amazon Connect

Published May 16, 2024

OnCourse Home Solutions, a leader in U.S. home warranty services, transformed its contact center with expert assistance from USAN. Learn about this successful rapid migration to Amazon Connect.


Who is OnCourse? 

OnCourse Home Solutions is a leader in the U.S. home warranty and home repair service industries.   

With over two decades of experience, Oncourse Home Solutions supports homeowners, utilities, and municipal customers nationwide. They offer a range of home protection plans, covering unexpected costs and providing on-demand services for repairs, maintenance, and improvements.  


The Challenge 

Historically, OnCourse relied on a legacy contact center solution that increasingly struggled to meet the demands of modern customer service expectations. With the goal of adopting more flexible, scalable, and quality-driven communication tools, the company looked to Amazon Connect, a cloud-based contact center service. However, without in-depth experience with Amazon Connect, OnCourse sought a trusted partner to guide this critical transition.  

OnCourse had 30 days to implement, test, and migrate over 500 internal and external agents to the Connect platform. To support the aggressive migration timeline, AWS recommended that OnCourse engage USAN, an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner known for expertise in migrating contact centers to Amazon Connect.  

Partnering with USAN, the company embarked on a transformative journey to overhaul its contact center operations.  


The Solution 

USAN’s approach to the project was characterized by meticulous planning and an efficient, phased rollout. The process kicked off with creating a mock environment, allowing for extensive testing based on OnCourse’s specific technical requirements for inbound, outbound, and additional one-off scripts. This methodical approach facilitated an iterative testing process across development, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), and production environments, gradually exposing call center agents to the new system. 

“At each step along the way, we were able to test the system, which helped significantly reduce any issues that might have slowed down the project. It also gave the call center, who did much of the testing, a good understanding of how Connect would work.” – Jonathan Wood, OnCourse’s Director, IT Operations

To minimize complexity, a “like-for-like” migration strategy was adopted. This strategy focused on replicating existing functionalities within the Amazon Connect environment to ensure a smooth transition. This strategy proved effective, enabling the migration of over 500 agents, a combination of 200 internal and 300 external agents, in approximately 10 weeks.  

USAN’s expertise and comprehensive documentation were pivotal in achieving this accelerated timeline and ensuring a seamless migration process. “Kudos to USAN for translating our requirements into a working system quickly and in a very, very accelerated timeline,” says Wood. “I would give them an A+ on that.”



Thanks to the upfront testing in development environments, which effectively eliminated the need for rework and adjustments post-deployment, the migration process was 25% more efficient compared to past initiatives. 

“This was 25% more efficient than similar projects because we could test everything well before pushing to production. There was no additional cost outside of usage, and countless human hours were saved.”  – Jonathan Wood, OnCourse’s Director, IT Operations

The new system’s setup also allows OnCourse to rapidly test and implement new ideas in development environments before production deployment, allowing it to test and make improvements continuously. 



OnCourse’s rapid migration to Amazon Connect was a huge achievement in the company’s pursuit of delivering superior customer service without disruption. The partnership with USAN facilitated a smooth transition and equipped OnCourse with a scalable, flexible contact center solution ready to adapt to future needs.   

“The way USAN set up our system allows us to try new things rapidly and keep up with ever-changing requirements and technologies.” Jonathan Wood, OnCourse’s Director, IT Operations

The migration to Amazon Connect has already yielded significant improvements in call quality, with notable reductions in audio issues, echoes, and other quality concerns. It has also helped to streamline agent workflows and has enabled the company to scale up and down to meet fluctuations in demand. 

As OnCourse continues to explore the full potential of Amazon Connect and AWS suite of products, the company is well-positioned to provide excellent customer experiences and optimize agent productivity in the years to come.   

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