The Top 3 Most Underutilized Features of Amazon Connect

The Top 3 Most Underutilized Features of Amazon Connect

Published August 19, 2022

Most contact center platforms include features designed around highly specific engagement scenarios. However, Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a much more comprehensive array of scalable, pay-as-you-go services. With self-service technologies such as Amazon Lex, Lambda integrations, and Polly text-to-speech capabilities — none of which requires multiyear contracts, paid plugins, or additional license fees — Amazon Connect is changing the contact center landscape.

We created USAN Realm to extend the power of Amazon Connect even further by providing additional functionalities that enrich the experience of both agents and customers. Realm allows agents to enjoy a unified interface in an all-in-one application natively built for Amazon Connect. Your customer experience solutions are significantly more robust with Amazon Connect and Realm.

Amazon Connect continues innovating, improving functionality and usability with new features and APIs. Wisdom, for example, is a feature that uses machine learning to help agents quickly navigate articles, wikis, and FAQs in real-time, keeping call time to a minimum and improving the customer experience. Another feature, Contact Lens for Amazon Connect, relies on machine learning to analyze calls and identify customer sentiment, trends, and compliance. Contact Lens can be programmed to recognize phrases like “cancel my service” and automatically send customers to managers who can salvage the situation.

Amazon Connect is a powerful platform, but a few tend to go underutilized thanks to its wide variety of customer experience solutions. In particular, the following three Amazon Connect features can improve customer engagement and consistently deliver superior experiences.


1. Contact flows for on-hold experiences

With Amazon Connect, admins can configure and personalize the experience a customer has while on hold. Instead of playing music on a loop, Amazon Connect can provide relevant tips, information about current products and services, and expected wait times to inform and engage customers. This personalization produces memorable connections that give customers a positive impression of your service department.

2. Individual agent queues

Most Amazon Connect implementations route calls to one or two queues and assign agents to each based on their skills and customer needs. Individual agent queues allow a wide range of possibilities, including connecting a caller to the last agent they communicated with or transferring a customer from chat to voice with the same agent. These highly personalized interactions keep customers from having to repeat their intent over and over, vastly improving their experience and enabling agents to solve queries more effectively.

3. Customer profiles

Gone are the days when customer interaction data were stored away in siloed databases. Amazon Connect maintains a record of each customer and links it to a CRM system, allowing agents to see a complete contact history before starting an interaction. Customer profiles can also include links to key downstream systems with the product or account data needed to serve the customer, increasing the quality and speed of service.


Amazon Connect offers a variety of customer experience solutions that can turn an organization’s contact center into a differentiator. With scalable Amazon Connect features and a focus on functionality and usability, contact centers can offer an exceptional experience that builds customer loyalty.

For more information about how Amazon Connect strengthens contact centers, enabling the best customer experience possible, contact us today.

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