USAN Helps Financial Services Firm Meet Regulatory Requirements for World’s Largest IPO with IVR Solution

Published March 15, 2015

In 2010, a global financial services firm faced an unprecedented challenge—managing the world’s largest initial public offering (IPO). However, the complexity of meeting US federal requirements regarding employee stock options presented a unique obstacle. This case study explores how the financial services firm turned to USAN, an Atlanta-based provider of hosted call center technologies, to create a highly customized and integrated solution in a record-breaking 45-day timeframe.

The Challenge

The financial services firm needed to contact over one million past and present employees, including subsidiaries, within a 24-hour period to inform them of the impending IPO and provide an opportunity to purchase shares. Compliance with federal regulations required not only executing these purchases before the IPO but also obtaining proof that every employee had been given the option to buy shares.

Traditional IVR system vendors were unable to meet the customization demands of this complex task. Turning to USAN, known for tackling highly customized applications, proved to be the key. Within 45 days, USAN delivered a seamlessly integrated IVR system and outbound dialer.

The Solution

The integrated applications worked in tandem to reach every individual, offering them the chance to purchase shares or opt out. The outbound dialer-initiated contact, leaving messages for unanswered calls, while the IVR system managed incoming calls, allowing employees to buy shares or decline the offer. Critically, the systems were synchronized to terminate outbound dialing efforts once an employee had purchased shares or opted out, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process.

USAN’s solution allowed real-time transmission of purchase information to the financial services institution. This ensured timely execution of share purchases, a crucial element in meeting the tight 24-hour deadline imposed by the IPO.

USAN’s ability to customize and integrate their IVR system and outbound dialer allowed the financial services firm to successfully met federal requirements for their client’s IPO. USAN’s expertise in handling complex customizations enabled the financial services firm to not only navigate this unique challenge, but also to showcase flexibility and innovation in meeting demanding business requirements.

The Solution

USAN played a pivotal role in overcoming a monumental challenge within an incredibly tight timeframe. By delivering a tailored and integrated IVR system and outbound dialer, USAN demonstrated its capacity to provide innovative solutions for one-time, high stakes needs. The success of this project further solidifies USAN’s reputation as a go-to partner for contact centers facing complex and time-sensitive requirements.

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