Call Center Software Provides Customer Service Metrics

Call Center Software Provides Customer Service Metrics

Ashley Furness, a CRM Market Analyst at Software Advice, points out that Zappos founder Tony Hsieh’s book, Delivering Happiness, offers great examples of modern day customer service that few companies have heeded.

“Take a look at your performance metrics. Is time-to-resolution an important indicator? What about call time?”

There are three main performance metrics that your business can measure with call center software that is available for your organization.

Total Call Time

This is the measurement for the amount of time that a customer is being engaged by an agent. If you your goal to improve customer service for your organization, then proper customer engagement requires an emotional connection. Reports that are available in our call center software will provide you with the total call time percentage of all agents that are engaging a customer.

Customer Complaints

This is a measurement that can be used to determine if process changes are necessary. You can see if an agent properly responded to customer needs and if the overall experience was acceptable. Measuring can also be done by using speech analytics within quality management software. Customer complaints are the best way for a business to evaluate the level of service that is being provided to customers.

Abandonment Time

This is the time between caller disconnect and picking up another caller in the queue. You can measure this idle time to determine if there is an unusually high wait time in the customer queue. The faster your agents can pick up a caller in the queue the better your overall customer service. Reporting of idle time needs to be done each day.

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