Skills-Based Routing Leads To Effective Customer Engagement

Skills-Based Routing Leads To Effective Customer Engagement

Improvement of the customer service experience is a never-ending challenge in today’s call centers. Due to the increased number of agents and the handling of a wider variety of calls in multiple languages and support areas, customer engagement is often compromised. This leads to dissatisfaction and disappointment in overall service. However, one concept that can improve upon this is that of skills-based routing with an Automatic Call Distributor or ACD.

The skill sets of agents can differ across the board from language fluency to experience in specific product categories. With skills-based call routing, you can enable the connection of customers through the ACD to the most appropriate agents based on their skill profiles. This type of routing provides many benefits such as:

  • Improved agent efficiency. Agents handling calls in their areas of expertise can do so much more efficiently rather than 100 agents with limited experience in every area.
  • First Call Resolution. Resolution of the problem on the first call: a customer with a unique problem can be connected to an agent who can usually solve their problem on the first call, avoiding repeated customer callbacks.
  • Call handling time is reduced. Since agents are familiar with the specific issues, it takes considerably less time to address the customer’s problem.
  • Greater customer satisfaction. With timely resolution of their issues, customers will no doubt be more satisfied with the overall contact experience.

The skills-based ACD system can no doubt improve your company’s operating profitability by increasing customer satisfaction. USAN offers hosted ACD systems with intelligent call routing for improved customer service and agent efficiency. Contact us for more information on our effective ACD solutions for your inbound call center.